Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birthday cakes and no candles please...and not pink!

Sometimes a birthday can sneak up on you, and I sort of feel that way about my last one. Life is so hectic these days that when Christmas came around I couldn't wait to just lie down and stop for a minute.

But then I remembed, I have two little ones who wanted to celebrate my birthday, and no birthday is complete without cake (that is one lesson my girls already know)! So when I asked my girls what sort of cake to make they screamed 'chocolate!!!!' Of course it's chocolate I thought and my dreams of a strawberry cake went out the window.

Now I have 2 go-to chocolate cakes that I love but I thought since I am on holidays I would take some time to try one of the other books in my library. Miette. I have wanted to bake something from this book since I got it. I love Miette. Now you probably think that is crazy coming from an aussie, but I did go to the store many years ago in the Ferry building in San Fran. My eyes lit up when I saw the store, the pretty delicacies, the chocolate, oh the chocolate (okay watching the weight does not factor in here).

Well don' recall seeing the tomboy cake when I was there but It has been high on my list of 'want to make'. It's the one on the front cover. Unfortunately, it had pink I thought I would make it a mint green or sky blue, but, noooooo said my two little people. We want pink! So pink it was too!

The chocolate cake behind this is amazing. I could eat it on it's own. Everyone loved trying the little cupcakes I made with the extra batter. The cake is rich, moist and just smells heavenly. I almost considered putting a simple fudge on top but decided to make the meringue buttercream listed in the recipe.

I have to say I am not a fan of meringue buttercreams. I know...blasphemy! I just find them too butter rich. So whilst this cake combination didn't rank that highly for me, I am sure it did and would for many others. And I would still devour this chocolate cake anytime.

So, do you like meringue buttercreams reader?

So, I wanted to tell you about my pinterest account too. I place all my photos on my pinterest account and also some other things I am interested in. You might also notice I finally put my pinterest button on the blog, so you can pin stuff too.

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