Thursday, March 15, 2012

An age and a day....

Okay, so life has moved on too fast for me since my last post. I wanted to put this cake up before christmas but never got around to it. Life got in the way so I hope you will allow me the slip up.

Anyway, I made this cake for a friends little boys birthday and the children in her mothers groups. I loved that she was providing a cake for the mums group babies. I think mums groups are a very special thing and I still love to hear from the ladies that I met through my mums group. We don't meet up anymore unfortunately, but I still hear from them now and then.

So this isn't the most exciting cake on the outside, but on the is a rainbow cake. You have seen one of these before I am sure and they never fail to impress. It is a white cake recipe coloured in the 7 rainbow colours and iced in a white buttercream. I added a bit of colour in the birthday message.

From what I hear it was a big hit. So belated happy birthday to Samuel and friends.