Thursday, August 25, 2011

I think everyone has their good moments and their 'what am I doing?' moments. Well this was a' what am I doing moment'. I decided for my older daughters birthday to make cupcakes for her whole daycare class. Well she was sitting with me when we ran across Jo's cupcake gallery.

Well she instantly fell in love with her cupcake princess' and I said' sure darling - I will make 2 dozen of those for you'. I love making figures normally and if I didn't have to make multiples of these I would probably be more excited about it. And, this would have been fine without the other two cakes I had to do that week....but by the time I got to doing these on the Tuesday night I was over it. She still adored them, just as all little girls and daughters will, but I would love to find another time when I have 'spare time' to try them again.

If you haven't been over to look already then please do, Jo's cupcake gallery is marvelous and she is a very talented cake figure artist with a unique style. I love her work. As you will see on Jo's page her princess' look great.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

A christening and first birthday

Really busy at the moment every one. But I thought if I don't post this now I never will.

This is a christening and first birthday combined cake. It is two stacked mud cakes, one being dark chocolate hazelnut and the other cherry ripe mud cake. Both divine tasting, although my favourite is the hazelnut. They are covered in dark chocolate ganache and vanilla flavoured satin ice.

The bear is styrofoam and everything is else is edible.

The design comes from Debbie Brown's Gorgeous and Gruesome cakes book.