Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh my little goodness

Okay, my usual posts tell you of my baking adventures and lets just say that there is very little in the way of nutritional benefit in my cakes although lots of yumminess.

Well how about a sweet with heaps of nutritional benefit and it still ticks all the yumminess boxes.... German chocolate fudge bites. they sound decadent don't they, and they are!

Made with dates and nuts and only a few more things these are really like biting into a truffle and are a great way to satisfy the afternoon cravings, and the children love them. I have made 2 batches this week and the family and I have almost eaten them all.

I can't take credit for this but tell you where to find them:

Katie, whom I feel as if I know already, has a great blog dedicated to healthy nutritional sweets among other things. I have a list of items from her blog that I want to make, but I do suggest you try these too.

Good thing I bought some more dates this week!