Friday, September 14, 2012

Anyone for a latte?

There is something about coffee, cream and alcohol in a cake that just makes me want to gobble it all up.

I have a great book I love to bake from called Sky High: Irresistable triple-layer cakes by Alisa Huntsman. There are many blogs out there that test the recipes in this book so I am not going to go on about it in great detail except to say that if you love to bake, and love layered cake combinations then this is a book for you. I love it and have made quite a few recipes from this book already and none have failed or even tasted mediocre - they all taste fab!

So getting back to the cake and coffee combination. I have a great friend who has a birthday around the same tome as my girls, and I know she loves my cooking and baking so I always like to make her a cake for her birthdays. Well anyone who likes the 'tiramisu' taste would love this cake too. This is a cappuccino chiffon cake, so it is light, airy and smells heavenly. It is then soaked in a rum and sweet coffee syrup and then smothered in vanilla cream.

I loved making this cake the first time so when I was asked to make it a second time I made a small one for my little gang and meto try, and it was worth it.