Wednesday, July 20, 2011

and Finally..Ellawynne's 4th birthday

It has been a busy month and needless to say I have been a little quiet. As I mentioned previously my first born, Ellawynne was turning four this month and we had a double celebration with her birthday and her little sisters - being only a few days apart.

Ellawynne wanted a fairy barbie cake for her birthday and thankfully her only request was that Barbie had 'legs'. I think she was concerned that all barbie cakes had chopped up Barbie dolls. So whilst I wanted to make a Debbbie brown princess and the frog cake, I instead had to do the barbie cake. Must admit it was more fun that I thought and I tried to make it look like her birthday present, the Fairy secret Barbie.  This is her:

Anyway, the cake is a butter cake in three Neapolitan colours with butter cream frosting and a satin ice icing. Everything is edible including the wings, though I don't recommend it. And I am happy to say Ellawynne was very excited and instantly new who it was.

So do any of you have a little fairy or princess having a birthday soon?