Sunday, August 26, 2012

a little birdy and a sweet girl

So still on the theme of birthdays I wanted to share with you the other cakes We made for the girls' birthdays.

My youngest is a bit of a 'hoot' fan from the ABC for kids channel, so for daycare we went with a yummy banana cake and maple flavoured frosting. From what I hear Maddy really loved it.

Then there was Ellawynne's school cake. I really wanted her to choose a cake design that she would love and enjoy decorating. As you can imagine she shows an interest so I really wanted her to enjoy and feel proud of her work too.

So after a few ideas being thrown around she choose a necklace and earrings cake from the latest womens weekly more kids cakes book. We adapted it a little design-wise and we chose a rainbow cake design based on the not quite nigella blog and had lots of fun making the necklace and covering cupcakes. There are some really nice ideas in the womens weekly book and lots for the kids to do or for you to try out.

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