Thursday, June 23, 2011

More than 1000...

Hello to you all. I am so excited. I have made over 1000 hits on the site and i must admit I thought it would never happen. But it has and I am glad to see people are visiting and reading (although it could just be my mum and dad)!

So I thought since people are visiting it might be nice if people said hello!!!! Please comment. I would love to hear what you think of my creations please.

So it is getting close to July and this year I have two cakes to make for my girls. Last year I only had one so you can guess our little family has expanded. Anyway, the reason I am reminiscing is my first daughter could not make her mind up last year as to what sort of cake she wanted. She changed her mind so many times I gave up in the end and did a simple cake for her.

The cake was a white chocolate mud cake with orange blossom water and white chocolate ganache filling. I had originally planned to model one of the disney princesses but didn't end up doing that and used some little tinkerbell figures I had instead. The cake was decorated with white spots, and red roses. Needless to say she loved it anyway.

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  1. I'm trying hard to comment but my system keeps telling me to log into Google & I already have! Your cakes look divine! I am so baking challenged I wouldn't even attempt to make what you call a simple cake! Thanks for visiting rambling mum & commenting. And following. I am now following you too, so as not to miss any of your cake creations. Maybe one day I will try to outdo myself!